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Keep Your Pet Free Of Fleas & Tics

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It works! I tried soooo many other remedies, natural and chemical based and this is the only thing that got rid of the fleas and didn’t make my cat sick. I’m happy it works. I’ve bought this twice and will continue using it as long as I have her.

Natasha L

We have three dogs and as they are regularly out in woods and fields they need efficient tick control. We have previously used the " pour-on " type, purchased from the vetinary, however this year this proved to be useless with live ticks dropping off the dogs daily. They are working well have seen one tick drop off in last three days, on inspection of the dogs no more were found. Would recommend this product for any pet owner.

Craig R

Tried different things for the house and for her; in the process I discovered that she was allergic to the drops; the kind you apply to the neck. The vet recommended this product. Wow 😲 finally I was able to get the fleas out of the house and the dog!

Daniel P